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Donny Wright has been singing professionally since he was 8 years of age.  His repertoire includes gospel, country, blues, jazz and show tunes.  He has also performed in many theatrical performances including the lead role in "South Pacific". 

Donny hails from West Texas where he first performed in a gospel quartet when he was 8 years of age.  That began a professional career in music that has lasted until this day.  He began taking voice lessons in college at 15 years of age, which later led to a music major with a concentration in voice.

Donny continued to sing with various groups until moving to Nashville, Tennessee where he became the lead singer in a group named "Chariot", (a subsidiary group to the "Oak Ridge Boys").  He toured mostly in the North Eastern States and Canada.

Upon leaving "Chariot", Donny moved to Houston, Texas to embark on a solo career where he traveled on tour from the East Coast to the West Coast.  He later returned to West Texas where he continues to work as a solo artist.

Donny has performed in various theatrical musical productions.  He played the lead role in "South Pacific" where he was accompanied by a full orchestra.  He performed in "Cats In Concert" before costume and printed music rights were released from the Broadway Show.  Music was learned from hand written lead sheets.  This was only the second performance of "Cats" off Broadway.

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